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Do you know that more than 64 million Americans suffer from gum disease? Most people just ignore it but you should know that ignoring gum disease can have serious consequences. It could lead to serious infections that have the potential to be life-threatening. In short, you should never make the mistake of ignoring gum disease.

If you are spitting blood every time you brush and your dentist is unable to figure out the root cause of that infection, don’t ignore it. If tooth infection keeps reappearing despite you making every effort to maintain excellent oral hygiene, you need DentaFend.

What is DentaFend?

It is a combination of 9 carefully chosen natural ingredients that include vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts. This health supplement is designed to help you get rid of gum disease and prevent tooth decay. If tooth decay and gum disease isn’t treated on time, it could lead to severe health issues such as infections in heart or brain and DentaFend can help protect your gums and teeth.

How Does DentaFend Work?

This triple action formula works by:

Eliminating gum inflammation: Gum inflammation is one of the main causes of gum disease and if it is not treated on time, it has the potential to develop in to a severe infection. This supplement works by reducing gum inflammation to prevent pain, redness, and swelling in the gums.

Eliminating harmful bacteria: If you allow bacteria build up inside your mouth, it could lead to inflammation in your teeth and gums. Inflammation is bad and will cause redness, bleeding and swelling, and if you do not take preventive action, it will lead to more serious health issues. Bacteria build up is often the result of poor dental hygiene. This supplement contains ingredients with antibacterial properties which should help in getting rid of bacteria build up in your mouth and also prevent future particular buildup.

Repairing existing damage: Antioxidants help in repairing body tissue damage. If your gums have existing damage, polyphenols in this supplement will help in repairing damaged tissue and prevent further tooth decay.

Ingredients List

This supplement contains 9 carefully chosen natural ingredients. The creators tried more than 118 combinations of various plants and herbs to settle at these 9 in order to provide maximum protection against gum inflammation and tooth decay.

Bentonite clay : Think of it as a sponge that works by absorbing toxins and other harmful bacteria from your mouth and teeth. It is also highly effective in getting rid of bad breath.

Flax seed : It is rich in antioxidants. It is included to repair existing damage to your gums and teeth, and it also paves a path for gum rejuvenation. It is effective in decreasing inflammation and regulating blood sugar levels.

Oat bran : It is highly effective in getting rid of bad bacteria and other toxins, and it is also helpful in stopping gum inflammation and bleeding.

Black walnut : They included black walnut over pomegranate, miswak and green tea and a variety of other compounds due to its long-lasting effects. It is rich in ellagitannins which have anti-inflammatory properties. Tannins also have powerful antibacterial properties which helps in keeping your gums and teeth healthy.

Aloe vera leaf extract : It has powerful antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Aloe vera is rich in polyphenols which are known to be effective in inhibiting the growth of harmful infection causing bacteria.

Psyllium husk : It has excellent antibacterial properties and helps in getting rid of harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Prune extract : It also has powerful antibacterial properties.

Apple pectin : It will help in rejuvenating soft gum tissue and it also acts as a protective shield for gums.

Lactobacillus acidophilus : It is a natural probiotic that has been added to this combination to make your immune system stronger. This particular strain is known to be effective in getting rid of harmful bacteria in your gums and mouth.

DentaFend Benefits

DentaFend Reviews
  • The DentaFend supplement helps to overcome your gum swelling and tooth pain naturally.
  • It helps to improve the strength of your teeth, tighten and have a lighter and whiter shade.
  • You can feel confident to talk close with your friends without the fear of bad breath.
  • The pills can be used by everyone at any age or gender regardless of their medical condition.
  • It is the cent percent natural and effective method to flush out the dangerous bacteria that leads to tooth decay.
  • You can save your money that you spend on dental clinics for treatments, your time and energy as well.
  • You can experience the difference within three weeks and keep your gums and teeth safe from any kind of dental disorders.
  • The ingredients are natural plant extracts sourced from the best location and it is 100% safe as it doesn’t produce any negative effects.
  • The 60-day money back guarantee gives you absolutely risk-free investment and you are not going to lose anything with this purchase.


You will have to pay $69 and a small chipping for one bottle of this supplement which contains a 30 day supply. You can save money by ordering 3 bottles at a time which will cost you $59 per bottle and shipping is free. If you want to save even more money, order the 6 bottles package which will cost you just $49 per bottle and shipping is completely free.

It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee which means you can always ask for your money back in case you’re not satisfied with the results.

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Final Thoughts on DentaFend Supplement

To conclude, DentaFend is a health supplement that is designed to boost your oral health. It is a completely natural product and all the ingredients included in this supplement are known to be extremely effective at getting rid of gum inflammation and in preventing further tooth decay. If you have been suffering from bleeding gums and tooth decay despite trying everything to maintain your oral hygiene, this is the supplement you need. It comes with 60 days, no questions asked, money-back guarantee which means you have absolutely no risk.

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